Take a moment and answer truthfully: what is the craziest thing you have done for love or what you thought was love? No need to panic, this is not going to be a compendium of all the crazy, sometimes stupid and at times unbelievable things I did for love (but never regretful). I was actually planning to write about crab but, in my infinite quest for free entertainment in LA, last night I dragged myself to the screening of a movie in search of distribution. Director, producer and writer mount these screenings in an attempt to lure people who matter and who could help – well, last night they were not in luck and they got me.

Aside from running into my very first assistant here in LA, who happened to be the boyfriend of the screenwriter, and into a former UK pop  star I travelled to London to see 15 years ago during one of those promotional trips organized by the label in an attempt to convince the rest of the world of their artists’ value, I sat through a charming, lighthearted and very funny movie directed by Edoardo Ponti (of Sofia Loren’s brood). If it ever finds distribution, or even if it goes straight to video, you should watch it because  it will warm your heart. And Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords’ fame will have you in stitches.

Before the screening, the director asked the audience to share some of the distances people have gone for love. We heard about moving to Israel after a first date, joining a dance troupe in order to be close to the object of one’s affection and a lot of stories involving planes. In my opinion nothing came close to marrying someone with teenage children or watching your boyfriend’s movie for the 5th time – but those with the good stories kept their mouths shut.

On the way home, I started thinking about the courage we all seem to find to win someone’s heart and that if we displayed the same courage and inventiveness not only would the world be a better place, we would all be much happier people. Think about the guts we all found to pretend to be someone better, to make that first phone call, to travel across an ocean for a week-end, to keep an unplanned child, to stalk some hapless person and pretend to just be in the neighbourhood, to cheat, to travel across an ocean and two continents for a week-end to then be so tired and spend half the time asleep (that was me)…if only we poured so much energy into ourselves…but I guess we do it because the destination seems worth it and what it takes to get there, if nothing else, makes for a good story. And sometimes even happy endings.

So, my friends, how far have you gone for love?



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3 responses to “HOW FAR YOU WOULD GO FOR LOVE?

  1. LUISA

    Risposta: lasciato lavoro, casa, figlio e dopo aver vissuto per 51 anni solo in Italia senza sapere una parola d’inglese, essermi trasferita qui a Los Angeles.

  2. silvia

    We all did something special -and I would like to stress the difference for the things we do moved by love or passion –
    but I am convinced that more often what is worth are small gestures we do on a daily basis.
    I am taking my man’s mother to the mountain for a week and I am not doing for the fun of it, but to let her breathe some fresh air after endless days taking care of her husband who is seriously ill.
    When we give ourselves to others without thinking of what we gain back that’s love to me.
    I know that you could argue that I’m being carried away by this subject and you might be right, but if we think about it the craziest things made out of love by our race these are the names that come up to my mind: the Gandis, the Mother Teresas, the San Suu Kyis, the Mandelas, etc. an endless list.


  3. Michael Zed

    I once flew from New York City to Milan for a weekend for love. That was quite a trip.

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