As we gather, once again, to give thanks around a dried up turkey and gelatinous cranberry sauce, it’s hard not to think of the bounty I am grateful for. Aside from the obvious, big ones – my health, the people who love me despite my cantankerous attitude, a roof over my head and enough food in the fridge – I lingered over the list of smaller blessings that make my life so worth living. I extrapolated just a few, in no particular order of importance, as my brain regurgitated them:

Not a hippo

  1. The printed word – although I will eventually cave in to the allure of an i-Pad, nothing can replace the heady smell of the printed word on paper, so full of promise, like a cup of coffee
  2. Pigs – because without pigs we wouldn’t have prosciutto
  3. Ottie who, as I write, has managed to demolish a living room pillow and the floor is now covered in white fluff. Still love him.
  4. (back from picking up white fluff before Ottie chokes to death) Snuggling under the warm covers while the wind howls outside
  5. Hippos – I really, really, really like hippos.
  6. My Kitchen Aid – the practical arm of many a culinary inspiration
  7. Pompeii –  never grew out of the magic since I read Quo Vadis
  8. War and Peace – I am a sucker for a very very long love story
  9. Prada – and the credit card to be able to afford it once every couple of years
  10. My mom’s tortellini
  11. Driving on PCH – watching out for those pesky police officers
  12. My reading glasses – they give me an intelligent air
  13. Netflix – it freed me from having to rely on reality tv for entertainment
  14. Chocolate in all its forms
  15. Still fitting into the same jeans I used to wear 20 years ago (despite the chocolate)
  16. My boundless curiosity which makes living with my cranky self bearable
  17. Did I mention Ottie already?



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2 responses to “THE THANK YOU LIST

  1. silvia

    18. Orange chicken meat balls at a thai restaurant in LA I don’t recall the name with someone special talking about life, love and sex

  2. sue

    WHAT IS THAT ANIMAL? WHAT IS IT? WHY IS IT IN YOUR BLOG … I am frightened for you.

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