There are some recipes that people who try the food where I work repeatedly ask for – our best sellers so to speak. Our scones is one and our fig jam is the other. It’s not the kind of jam one would spread on a piece of toast and eat with a cup of coffee (although one could) but it’s a lovely sweet accompaniment to savory items, meats in particular – on a chicken sandwich for instance or on a prosciutto and mozzarella panini.

So, if you are the kind of person who makes gifts for Christmas rather than cave in to holiday shopping, just invest in a few jars and cook away.


2 Cups        Dried figs, stems removed

1 Cup          Orange juice

2 Cups        Water

2 Cups        Balsamic Vinegar

1                   Sprig Rosemary

1/4 Cup      Sugar (or up to 1/2 Cup, depending on how sweet you want it)

1 ts               Salt

1. Place all the ingredients in a pot and let simmer, stirring periodically, until most of the liquid has been absorbed and figs have reached a jam consistency.

2. Let cool, remove the rosemary sprig and puree.



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