This very long day has finally reached its end. I shouldn’t rejoice, it’s one day less left in my personal calendar, which, fast and furiously, is galloping towards the end of another year. Recently Nora Ephron, who seems to have cornered the market on the female aging business, was asked if there was anything good about growing old.

“Absolutely nothing – besides being still around”. I am glad the gal is giving it to us as it is. I personally veer towards a cautious optimism but I get mildly irritated by people who always, infallibly see the positive side of everything – getting cancer, losing someone close, having no money… get the idea. Certain things in life just suck and that’s the end of it.

In the list of days to forget, I have to be honest, this doesn’t come close to the top – it was just long and tiring and too busy to actually be productive. So while I sit here and look back at it I remember how it felt to exit the parking lot and smell the salt of the  ocean and then walk in to work and being assailed by the aroma of coffee. Enough to put the Grinch in a good mood.

Right now, Ottie is at my feet, positively smelling of hay and horse shit – well, at least he has nothing to complain about, he obviously spent his day playing around with his bigger friends. The yoga mat on which I stretched my bones before sitting at my desk emanates a sweaty odor – time to wash it – but a welcome reminder of all the hours put on it.

Familiar and unfamiliar smells punctuate my day – that is how I like to think of today, another otherwise unremarkable 24 hours in a sea of worthy moments. Maybe the point of getting old is just that, the pleasure of still being around.



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