As a girl, I watch awards shows (well, two of them) for the dresses. It’s fun to watch outfits I will never get to wear, for lack of funds and lack of opportunities. Armed with a girlfriend or two, it’s incredibly rewarding to criticize, dissect and covet.

But among the yards of silks, tulle, taffeta one can also have some interesting realizations.

  1. If I needed further proof that I am old, Trent Reznor, looking like a middle-aged suburban father, provided it tonight.
  2. Al Pacino has a seemingly difficult relationship with his hair. Far from being content that he still has hair, he insists on coloring it and combing it in a messy bouffant….
  3. …in fact, the same one Annette Bening was sporting. Could the two share the same hairdresser?
  4. Helena Bonham Carter apparently loves the 16th century witch look. Not attractive and now too old to be quirky.
  5. I always said that British English is a more interesting and nuanced language than American English (nappies, trousers, knickers all sound better than diapers, pants and underwear) but English actors are always, always more eloquent than their American counterparts. They do not unfold bits of paper (they are actors for god’s sake – can’t they memorize a few thank you lines?) and do not use words such as “beautiful”, “awesome” and “wonderful”. Their speeches typically have a beginning, a middle and an end and don’t ramble on aimlessly. Either that or I am partial to Colin Firth.
  6. Finally, why on earth complain that Ricky Gervais is mean? What did they expect when they hired him? The man has made a career out of cringeworthy humor (he introduced Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutchner’s dad) so if you invite him to mc anything, you better be a good sport.

And the movies? Not the interesting part.






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  1. sue

    LOVE your comment on the hair. They both had me HOWLING. And Annette Bening was so utterly full of it she set lesbians back 50 years. Ellen de Generes called – she wants her money back.

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