In the blogosphere, a blogger is helped by his/her platform (in my case “Wordpress”) that provides useful information as to how many hits the site gets, where the hits come from and what are the most common search terms, amongst others. Aside from food related blogs, I am always surprised to see how the piece I wrote on “10 things you should know about Italian women” is always at the top of viewed blogs – who knew there was so much interest in Italian women?

Some of the search terms amused me so much that I started a small collection I finally decided to address. My gut instincts tell me that most questioners are of the male variety.  Again, these are by no means scientifically proven facts but just mere personal opinions. Italian ladies, feel free to chime in.

What do Italian women eat – Italian women are partial to (surprise) Italian food and that is partly because ethnic food in Italy is not great and it’s hard to find other than in large cities. And even there, authentic Chinese or Indian is a chimera and South American virtually non-existent. Italian palates can be pretty stodgy and who can blame them? Real Italian food is indeed delicious. So if you are planning to take an Italian on a date, steer clear of Italian restaurants or you will spend most of the dinner hearing why what you are eating does not taste the way it does back home. A good American restaurant with fresh ingredients might be best. She might also dig American staples like burgers and hot dogs and you will hardly ever have to worry about bizarre food allergies or antipathies. That seems to be an American obsession (which I picked up fairly quickly)

Italian women and shoes – I am not sure what this search was about in detail but, yes, we do tend to have many pairs of shoes and my recommendation would be not to buy an Italian shoes. You are most likely to get it wrong as Italian ladies’ fashion choices are highly dictated by current fads which are not necessarily the same as here. Same goes for clothing – they take their clothes seriously and they will judge your wardrobe. Sad but true, although concessions are made for foreigners

Italian women and oral sex – Clearly, this was a guy fishing for information. What can I say? Are Italian women better or less known for it than other nationalities?? All I will venture to say is that Italy is not Alabama so I suppose it’s performed at the same rate as most Western countries. Happy now?

This was my favourite: Do Italian women eat after men – After some head scratching, I figured whoever was enquiring had some ill-conceived geisha idea of Italian women. Lots of single men still live at home, fed by devout mothers but no – by and large we do not have a serving or subservient attitude towards the opposite sex. Quite the contrary. We will be happy to feed you if cooking is our thing but, after date number 3, you will most definitely be doing the dishes.




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  1. Anna Maria

    well done Claudia.
    Annamaria (an italian woman…)

  2. silvia

    what does it mean if Italian women eat after men?!!! You’re too kind, it’s not the geisha attitude that this gentlemen was thinking about, it’s much more simple than that: it’s ignorance…
    By the way, very very very funny 🙂

  3. Joel

    I want a italian woman and want to find one in ft.worth texas email me

  4. phil

    Hi my names phil, I am currently past my third date with a sicillian girl and mamma Mia she is so so bella.
    I am British, I don’t speak much italian, but enough to compliment her, I do not burp, I love my mother but am not on good terms with her but never slag her down, we kiss so passionately I’m practically gonna blow my wad before I have done anything.
    We have not had sex but have got hot enough to dry hump… (I know).
    What can I say, I am falling for this girl, hard.
    I sincerely believe she likes me as I like her due to the passion in her eyes when we kiss or talk, the way we hold each other…. I’m not big on romance but this girl has awoken something inside of me I don’t know how to Control.
    I’m worried she may change her mind about me or wander off with another man whilst we are trying to make a flame, so basically piss on it before it gets started…
    She can be very stubborn at times but I just find it major cute, and she is far from shy when she forces her tongue throat… Which I also like btw, but when I compliment her in italian, she goes very shy too. I try to make her feel comfortable and tell her she has no need to be shy as she is bellissimo.
    I asked her to be mine on my last date with her and she said she couldn’t be all mine… (she did not have a serious face at the time, just shy…) is she serious? Or is there Another?? Please reply, I’m going out of my mind!!

    • My dear Phil, more than in love, it sounds like you are in lust. Which is quite alright. I don’t know the girl and I have no way of knowing whether she is leading you on or if she is serious but, if she has accepted to go out on three dates with you, I can only assume there is some interest on her part.
      Italian girls like to flirt and that is what she is doing. She probably likes the feeling of being desired too but you can’t hurry things along. When she is ready, if she ever is, she will let you know.
      The only advice I can give you is that you cannot sit and worry that she will let you go, that she will fall for another. Be yourself, be flirty and be honest. In essence, be the best person you can be and if things click between you, all the better. If not, more fish in the pond.
      In a few more dates, you could be honest and tell her how you feel about her, and notice her response. This courtship phase should be fun, so enjoy it and let me know what happens. Good luck!

      • phil

        Well she has confessed that she likes my kisses and kind words. We were talking and laughing for a bit, now she says she is going back to Italy, not specified how long, just il talk later… I think this might be the usual inevitable ending, with me getting my heart broke…
        I have the worst luck

  5. phil

    She obviously said she likes me alot too. If she does, why she leaving?

    • Sorry Phil! But if she is going back to Italy she is realistic about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. There might be a million reasons why she is going back. Nothing to do with you.

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