There are corners of Los Angeles that come to you unexpectedly, with unusual buildings that change the drab urban landscape. They are usually tucked away and you might happen on them while driving around minding your business and something makes your head turn, begging to be looked at again.

Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Culver City, far from the trendy restaurants or the Helms Bakery Building and a stone’s throw from the new metro construction that will go on for the rest of the century, I happened upon Hayden Avenue, where you wouldn’t necessary go unless you work or have business there. As it so happens, some cool companies run their operations from this neat street.

We are used to spotting Frank Gehry’s buildings all over town but, unless we are architects, we might not be so familiar with Eric Owen Moss who has redesigned and re-invented this otherwise industrial street.

At lunchtime on a day that couldn’t decide whether to be sunny or rainy, some people were flocking around a pink food truck, a man was smoking a cigarette but not much else was happening on the street. I parked and took some photos to remind myself of the surprises this city still yields.




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