If you are rich, glamorous or famous and in need to shed a few pounds fast (or you think you need to), the latest fad is to check yourself in at a Canyon boot camp, disguised as a spa – for a week, you will be fed next to organic nothing and will be taken on daily hikes up the canyons, forced to do yoga twice a day, plus some tai chi and other more conventional type of exercise. All for the modicum sum of around $5,000 – depending on the spa. Malibu’s are the priciest, Laguna Beach’ the most reasonable at $3,600.

This newest fad I can’t afford led me to think about my personal mini boot camp/spa that I comfortably run from home pretty much every Sunday. As I am lucky enough to live in a canyon, I already have some of the amenities on my doorstep, free of charge. My spa day goes something like this:


8:00  Wake up

8:15  Organize the weekly laundry – the downside to boot camping at home is the lack of unseen maids laundering my sheets and leaving a carrot on my pillow

8:45 First physical activity of the day – hike down the driveway with the dogs to retrieve the paper

9:00 Prepare a healthy breakfast, usually perfectly poached eggs on gluten-free toast (I recently discovered Rudy’s Bread, made locally – I swear, once toasted, you cannot tell the difference) with a bit of butter and a cup of my favourite coffee.

9:30 Sit at the breakfast table with the newspaper until 11:00 when the dirty dishes scream to be washed. Followed by light cleaning.

12:00 Cook healthy meal to be consumed at some point during the day. Maybe a soup or a stew or anything that can be re-heated at leisure. Such activity is usually accompanied by very loud music.

1:30 Second physical activity of the day – take the dogs for a long hike around the canyon. Ottie might not fill the shoes of a hunky trainer but he still forces me to  hike up those hills if I want to keep up with him. Unlike me, age hasn’t slowed him down yet

2:30 Plop myself on the couch (or the patio depending on the weather) to finish the paper or otherwise read, while drinking a healthy smoothie that passes for lunch

4:30 Third physical activity of the day – catch a yoga class nearby.

6:00 Finally shower, wash my hair and perform some beauty treatment – an exfoliating mask a saleswoman gave me while purchasing some other products, scrubbing salts that came from somewhere, a bubble bath…

8:00 Devour whatever was prepared earlier. Kind of famished at this point.

9:00 Watch tv

During the day, I will have checked e-mails only once and not talked to anybody who might cause even mild irritation. My mother and my best friends are usually the only two phone calls that I allow myself. Cell phone goes untouched for the whole day.

Now, if I factor in the $15.00 the yoga class cost me and, let’s say, the other 15.00 all my meals came to, I saved a whopping $ 786 (the cost of one day at boot camp).

With the guest room renovated, there might be a business opportunity here – not for the rich and glamorous but for the regular janes like me. Discounts will be offered if willing to help with the laundry and the light cleaning.





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  1. silvia

    can I book now? 🙂

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