The King of Comb Overs somehow managed to revive the whole Presidential birth issue to a Press Corps complicit in the idiocy. That Donald Trump is at the top of the Republican polls is bad enough but that the so-called “serious media” devote so much time to his utterances is unforgivable. Meantime, 40% of Republicans still believe, despite irrefutable evidence, that President Obama was not born in the United States. This not only does smack of stupidity and ignorance but, to me, is a sign that racism overtones are alive and well. If our President didn’t have dark skin, a Muslim middle name and African surname, nobody would be scouring Hawaiian birth certificates records. This is evidence that a section of the American population is still suspicious of those who are different and who grew up experiencing other cultures. Sad.

Criticism of the Royal Wedding on the part of the same “serious media” also ticked me off. It’s true there are plenty of more important issues that deserve coverage (not Donald Trump though) and that this might be one of the most expensive parades in memory, but let’s not forget it’s not our money the Brits are spending and, judging from the success of “The Tudors” and every British period drama released in this country, there is obviously a dearth of people experiencing low-grade envy for a monarchy we never had. The British Royal Family might be politically (and in every other aspect) irrelevant but the British have a long and mostly warm relationship with their sovereigns, one of personal attachment and national pride . Moreover, if it’s true that billions will tune in to watch a fair and balding Prince tie the knot with a pretty commoner, it might be an indication that we are all in need of believing in romanticism and fairy tales on occasion. And they do seem like two decent human beings.

The brouhaha around the inconsistencies, white lies and possible accounting irregularities that have engulfed Greg Mortensen of “Three Cups of Tea” fame do not take away from the very tangible schools that were built and are still operational in remote parts of Afghanistan, where little girls are able to get some literacy and maybe a glimpse of a better life. Such help is real and, while I am all for transparency and the media looking into anything shady, such matters are rarely black and white. Greg Mortensen has done more for common Afghans than any of the probing media put together.

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  1. sue

    The other truth of it is that many people are shallow, ignorant, miserable assholes who can’t bear to believe anyone is worthy or happy. I say Screw Them and let them stew. As for Donald Trump – the Republican Party excel in pulling a fast one on Americans. IF it happens again – they have only their sound bite selves to blame.

    On another sleight of hand note – let’s not ignore that the good Cardinals of the Vatican have invited Bob Mugabe to the upcoming deification. They better count their fingers when he leaves.

    All it takes for Evil to travel to Rome is for good men to look at their bank balances.

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