Friday night. Dead tired after another long week which is nowhere near over yet.

Here is a glimpse of a day’s work in the kitchen, one of the most interesting ones, dedicated to experimentation.

In ancient times, spelt used to be fermented with beer which would act as a yeast. This was made with regular yeast – the nutty taste of the spelt, the crunchy crust and soft inside combine to make it delicious.

Spelt loaf

It used to be a pig



If you are a vegetarian, you might want to stop here. It is a former pig looking at you, with his 4 little feet. I used to be squeamish but I have long recognized we are all part of the food chain at some level. Provided animals are raised humanely, give space to roam and killed mercifully, I enjoy prosciutto too much to be self-righteous.

Pig butt - yes, pig butt

Cut into little strips, it’s crunchy and delicious. Promise.

A forebear of halva

If you are familiar with the taste of halva, that middle Eastern treat made of sesame and honey, this is an ancient Greek forebear. Two layers of toasted sesame bound with honey sandwich a mix of different nuts and more honey. The addition of black pepper gives it character. Only drawback – it’s too easy to pop one too many in your mouth

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