Pleading bananas

The mottled bananas were pleading from the counter “Use us!” Ever mindful of not throwing food away, I picked them up with a mind to freeze them when, instead  of condemning them to a few weeks at the back of the freezer, waiting to fill in for fresh ones in my morning smoothie, I opted for making banana ice-cream.

Banana is not a flavour I willingly order at the ice-cream parlour but it’s so delicious when made at home, so creamy and it goes so well with many bits and bobs I might have around the kitchen (chocolate chips, walnuts, pineapple, peanuts etc) that I love having it around. Plus, it gave me an excuse to get my ice-cream maker out of the closet, and make its twice yearly appearance.

My secret ingredient, you might have guessed, it’s alcohol. A touch of rum gives complexity to the taste without dimming it. This is probably a good time to mention, contrary to what might have transpired from these pages, that I don’t actually drink, because of a mild allergy to alcohol. I will enjoy a cocktail now and then but  I will pay the price with a stuffy nose or, worse, instant sneezing. Watch me have a beer to be  believed… I am just saying…


2 C Heavy Cream

1 C Milk

1 Vanilla bean

3/4 C Sugar

3 Very, very ripe bananas

3 Egg yolks

1 T Rum


  1. Combine the milk, cream and sugar in a pot. Split the vanilla bean and add both seeds and pod to the mixture. Bring to scalding point.

    Scald the milk

  2. Place the egg yolks in a small bowl and, once the milk mixture is about to boil, ladle some of it in the bowl and whisk vigorously. Pour the egg mixture back into the pot and whisk.Temper the eggs
  3. Mash the bananas with a potato masher and add them to the hot milk mixture. Add rum and whisk to break as much of the banana puree into the milk mixture.

    Mash the bananas into submission

  4. Strain through a tight mesh colander or a cheesecloth, pressing with the back of a ladle (you can keep the discarded banana puree and add it to your cereal).
  5. Refrigerate the liquid making sure to place plastic right on its surface, to prevent a skin from forming.
  6. Once cool, pour into your ice-cream maker and freeze according to instructions. Because of the alcohol, this ice-cream will always be very creamy and slightly soft.


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  1. ci

    mmmmm……. gnammi, gnammi…. slurp!

  2. Thank you both! I ate so much of it I can’t even look a banana in the face right now..

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