Allow me to go on about my skin for a little while longer. At my age, I feel I am entitled to. I am over the phase of scrutinizing my face under harsh lights to uncover new signs of aging but I am still shocked every time a new wrinkle or slight sagging make an appearance. More than shocked, I am dismayed.

Far from me recommending any products – despite my long-standing investments in creams and lotions and potions, I have to admit nothing really reverses the aging process in the slightest, so it’s either the big guns of surgery and Botox or the acceptance process. I was recommended hydra-facials which I have been doing for a few months and, I admit, they leave the skin radiant. For two days. Tangible benefits can be derived from one’s diet – lack of smoking and drinking does wonders for your skin as do avoidance of processed foods and a limit on dairy products.

After reading left, right and center about a new product, I went on a web search for customers’ reviews, especially women in my age bracket, and I was surprised to find them all positive. What really convinced me was seeing it prominently displayed in my dermatologist’s waiting room  (where I spent way too long, if you are reading this Dr. R!).  I am talking about Clarisonic. Made by the good people who first gave us electric toothbrushes, Clarisonic is, essentially, just a bigger brush for your face. On a whim, I marched into Sephora and bought the travel version of it, called Mia, which is smaller, comes in an array of extremely cute colors and only has one type of brush and one speed (as opposed to three on the original, and bigger, Clarisonic).

My new bathroom companion - not what you are thinking...

Well, it will not wipe wrinkles away but I have never had a skin this smooth. All you have to do is moisten your face, apply a bit of your favourite detergent and run the electrical brush over your face for a minute. Rinse and voila! You are now ready for your potions of choice which, if nothing else, will penetrate more deeply.

My little lavender Mia can be taken in the shower and it is rechargeable, just like a toothbrush. The manufacturer suggests replacing the brush every 3 months. For an investment of $129 I feel like I have a mini-facial every day




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4 responses to “MOOCHING AROUND ON THE WEB – Clarisonic

  1. We’re glad you’re enjoying your Clarisonic Mia skinvestment! Keep us posted on your long term results. Happy cleansing!

  2. ci

    you are a real sagoma ci

  3. I have been using Clarisonic for over two years and I cannot live without it. It’s amazing!

  4. The things we start paying attention to when we start aging….

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