Summer. Bound to get an invitation or two to a friends’ country or beach pad or to beg to crash on somebody’s couch during our travels. Etiquette dictates we should show up with a gift, not to mention the willingness to partake in dinner preparations or other household chores.

Recently I walked all over town with my sister looking for such a gift, for her boss and his wife, who had invited her sailing. Looking for a boat appropriate gift is even harder than figuring out something for a house. She eventually settled on a very large windproof glass candle holder. The size of the object gave me some clues as to the size of the vessel.

I like the culinary gift – a basket of a mix of alcoholic and edible products but not everyone likes to cook. A few weeks ago a friend gave me an adorable and clever gift: napkins. We are all in need of napkins and I do like to mix and match them for more informal gatherings.

These particular napkins are made of simple white cotton, printed with berries and packed in the same packaging market berries would come in.

Just adorable!


They are made by Tina Produce, the brainchild of Christina Basgen, and can be purchased at



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