There is a reason why men fancy themselves grill-meisters. When grilling, there is no need to multi-task or use different appliances or pots and grills are easier to operate than a stove and an oven. Unless you are helpless me.

The monster before I conquered it

Channeling my inner “guy” and pushed by a craving for steak and other grilled food, I took my gas grill out of retirement, donned a large apron (but forgot to open a beer) and set out to work on my one girl dinner on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Lord knows what mess I would have found myself in, had I actually had to handle charcoal. All I had to do was turn a gas valve and light three burners which, even in my ineptitude, I thought I could muster. But 10 minutes into my quest, I was still trying to figure out which was the “open” position on the tank and if I was supposed to see blue flames under the grill. You can be forgiven for picturing a ditzy blonde.

I flirted with the thought of not sharing my uselessness with anybody but I ended up being so pleased with my “guy” dinner, that I didn’t mind.

I marinated a filet mignon that had been sitting in the freezer for months in oil, soy sauce, ginger and a bit of sugar. I grilled a yellow pepper until the skin was charred and I brushed a couple of peaches with olive oil and put them on the grill, cut side down. While everything was easily cooking, I whipped up some fresh corn with onions, peppers, jalapeno and finished it off with a touch of cream. I am a girl after all and I needed to fill that time rather than watch football on tv.

Easy peasy - just put on the grill and wait

The steak got brown and caramelized on the outside and stayed incredibly tender on the inside. The peaches, sprinkled with a touch of brown sugar and whipped cream, were still warm and perfect by the time I got to them.

Now that I’ve got the knobs and arrows and blue flame down, I might don that apron again. And, this time, pop a beer too.


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  1. ci

    sooooo proud of you

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