End of Summer crostata

A couple of more days and Summer will be officially over, even if the Southern Californian thermometer is telling us otherwise. I loaded up with the last of the yellow peaches and the berries that are still sweet for a Sunday afternoon cobbler. At the last minute, I went for a crostata. With fruit, it’s easy to get away from the constraints of measuring and weighing, well, crust aside (for crust recipe click here)

Just peel and slice 3 or 4 peaches and toss them in a bowl with the blackberries (or any other berry of your preference), add between 1/2 C to a 1 C of sugar depending on the fruit’s sweetness, a tablespoon of cornstarch (or flour), a sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger, a pinch of salt and mix.

Roll the dough to 1/2” thickness and place it on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Pile the fruit in the center, spreading it with your hands, leaving about a one inch border. Fold the border in pleats (unevenness is perfectly acceptable), barely covering some of the fruit and brush with egg wash or cream. If you have some Demerara sugar, sprinkle it on top and bake at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes or until the fruit is soft and juicy and the crust is golden.

Serve with sweetened whipped cream (you can spike it with brandy) or ice-cream while sitting on your patio and, for an hour or so, pretend Summer is not going to end.





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  1. That looks just like my mom’s Thanksgiving Rustic Fruit Tart. She makes it most years along with her incomparable Pecan Pie. Mmmmm.

  2. Good thing I am reading this while having breakfast….They look delectable!

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