My mother taught me that a good fabric and a good cut will go a long a way in making you look stylish, and that it’s better to buy fewer quality items than a lot of junk. I have abided by her advice most of my life which is now reflected in a rather large size closet, with some pieces that date back to the time when I could still wear mini-skirts. I mean, real mini-skirts. Once a year, I weed through it, often times with the help of a friend whose merciless eye will help me get rid of the neon pink dress  I only wore once or the white lace number bought second-hand that makes me look like a St. Honore cake. The rule is – if it hasn’t been worn in a year, it  must go.
Since my high earning days are well behind me, I have no problem mixing and matching some nicer items with Target or H&M cheapos, or even Forever 21, where I really have no business shopping. To keep up on who is designing what, I started subscribing to sites such as Moda Operandi that sells couture I cannot possibly afford but gives me ideas. In the last few months, though, I find myself going back to Garance Dore, a French graphic designer/photographer who has become a bit of a style guru. Her site is uncluttered, the images of models/friends/women on the street appealing and inspiring – en
But my latest find (well, the latest NY Times’ find) is a site I am growing obsessed with. How come never thought about it before? is dedicated to stylish women of advanced age. The blogger, Ari Seth Cohen,, roams the streets of New York and other fashion cities, looking for interesting older women, to prove that style, fashion and age can go hand in hand. Check out Ruth who, at 100, still does Pilates, travels and doesn’t look a day over 85. She is my new idol.
The ladies photographed on the streets of Milan could possibly be me in a couple of decades. I always thought I would end up with a perky collection of extravagant hats and frosted lipsticks (what I know for sure is that track-suits will never be an option. What is it with old ladies and track-suits anyway?) but advancedstyle is making me re-think my options. Nice to know I have some and a bit more time to figure them out.



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  1. ci

    I took a look at Ruth, unbelievable! I wanna be like her if I’ll ever turn 100.
    To be honest I think we’re on the good path ( the ones among us who use their body in a way or another), she does Pilates every day right! I want to show it to our mutual friend G. who recently started doing Pilates and in the beginning was really unbelieving.
    Anyway I love to think about me and my female friends like these adorable ladies.
    Ari’s blog is really worth visiting. Thank you dear xxx

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