When my friend Lin asked me for a dog cookie recipe, I assumed it was to keep her beloved dogs happy. Lin recently moved to a sort of ranch in the San Diego area, a move which, for a city girl like her, made a certain impact on her daily life. Somehow, I imagine her wandering around in wellies, pitchfork in hand, stacking hay for the horses – but I do have a tendency to let my mind run wild.


Raising money for a good cause, one dog at a time

In reality, the cookie recipe was for Taylor, the charming 13-year-old who also lives on the ranch with her mom. It turns out Taylor is a skilled rider who got into her mind to enroll in an out-of-state riding competition. Very well, her mother said, but you have to find a way to pay for the enrollment fee.

Undeterred and undaunted as only teenagers can be when they desperately want something (and if only they applied the same intensity to other endeavors!) , Taylor came up with the idea of selling something that wasn’t on offer at the local Farmer’s Market – dog treats.

The first week sales were not as good as expected, with a lot of samples given for free to passing canines but it looks like business picked up briskly and, every week-end, this young entrepreneur can be found at her stand, keeping the local dogs happy and fattening her coffers. Taylor and her mother have come up with variations on the basic recipe I provided and I can see some Halloween and Thanksgiving treats in the future of some very lucky dogs.

Good luck to you girl and, when all is said and done, it would be nice to have pics of our fierce rider and her horses.




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  1. lin

    That’s Burberry wellies, I will have you know!


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