Do you work downtown, have long days and tend to need a Friday night drink? I am a sucker for places inundated with books and I found myself downtown in the middle of the week, early for an event I was attending, when I spotted the Library Bar, so named, presumably, because located across the street from the Los Angeles beautiful public library.

As soon as I entered the lightly dimmed bar, what caught my attention were the floor to ceiling shelves, laden with books that, for all I know, could be fake, those empty boxes made to look like books in order to fool thieves. Because who is going to sit in the darkness and peruse bar books? Certainly not the legal eagle type of patrons that seemed to crowd the floor. Still, from a decor point of view, it looks inviting, with sofas spread in front of the bookshelves and stools at the counter.

The place was nonetheless welcoming, with no attitude and friendly staff. The food offerings and drink menu are scribbled on the mirror that runs the length of the bar counter and the din is not so loud that having an end of day chat with a colleague is an impossibility.  Above all, the barman didn’t balk at my unusual drink order and the prices are reasonable – I don’t recall a happy hour being advertised but the website mentions a $2 deal for movie Sundays. And they stay open late into the night. Maybe worth checking it out in the wee hours and see who replaces the office crowd.



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