According to the search engine through which most readers get to my blog, there is an endless fascination about Italian women. The two posts I half jokingly wrote on the subject are consistently the most read. I am slightly flattered and definitely amused at how popular my gender and ethnicity are. Some men are courageous enough to send me questions related to the dating of Italian women – I discovered I like playing agony aunt, with the disclaimer that I am an atypical Italian woman and that my advice, given to people I don’t know about women I will never meet, is probably imperfect. But there seems to be a market populated by men, spread over different continents, who are keen on getting together with Italian ladies and, prodded by a couple of (Italian) girlfriends, I briefly mulled over the idea of starting a website devoted to just such seekers. Then I wisely decided to stick to my day job.

To give you an example of what I am talking about, I jotted down the search engine terms related to Italian women that popped up in the last two days alone. All opinions here expressed are the brainchild of my opinionated self.

How fat Italian women dress

No self-respecting Italian woman will ever admit to being fat. Or, rather, she will lament she is fat all the while fitting her hips in a size 4. Our attitude in that department mirrors our Los Angelino counterparts. Overweight Italian women do exist, though, and they are not in a hurry to don track-suits or shapeless caftans. Long blouses and jackets or dresses will probably be their attire of choice, with emphasis on what works for them, whether it’s boobs generously displayed, a bit too much jewelry to deflect attention, or perfect hair or make-up. There exist plus sizes stores but they only cater to one segment of the population, i.e. older Italian women. Younger ones do what overweight women the world over do – diet.

Italian women are hard to find

If we start with the premise that Italians of both genders are like parsley, sprinkled everywhere you go, this assumption shouldn’t hold true. Then again, I went 15 years in LA without meeting a single Italian, male or female. But I wasn’t looking. The moment I stepped through the doors of the Italian Cultural Institute an avalanche of Italians entered my life. Trust me, we are a nation of sailors, and we have invaded all corners of the globe, even if in small numbers. I once met a lone Italian living atop a mountain in the Galapagos. The trick is to find one, just one – the rest will follow. Careful what you wish for as we find strength in numbers.

What Italian women like for gift

Let me tell you what you should stay really clear of: clothing and shoes (you are not going to get it right), any appliances or kitchen equipment (we look at them as gifts for indented servitude) and camping gears (as a general rule, we do not like camping). Safe bets are: tickets to fun events, week-end getaways, spa treatments, flowers or just plain compliments. In my case, I am still waiting for an i-pad. Just putting it out there.

Italian women are jealous

Not as much as Italian men.

How are Italian women like/what are they known for

Flirty, fun, cleanliness obsessed, opinionated, argumentative, a bit too interested in their appearance. Generally interested in relationships but not hellbent on marriage nor children. They tend to be always right but not righteous.

Italian women+oral+sex

This comes up a lot (you guys!) and I already addressed it. But if you are really curious and have nothing better to do, google Italian women+oral+sex+Bologna. Have fun with that one!

Why are Italian women so bossy

It comes from centuries of managing Italian men and now we just cannot stop telling people what to do at the drop of a hat. It’s become second nature.

3 things Italian women are good for

This left me scratching my head. Was the reader looking for answers or validation to his own assumptions? Beats me. If you find out, post your answers.


Some of us will be working over the Thanksgiving week-end but my blog is enjoying a holiday. Back on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.



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  1. Annamaria

    Why the hell did you omit jewellery in the section “gift we like”?

  2. Annamaria

    well, it’s my turn to the dirty job then… we are not greedy, we only like beautiful things. Don’t you agree?

  3. Agree with not meeting any Italian’s in LA. At least not until I moved to San Pedro….full of gerations of Italian Families. They migrated here to work in the Canneries and Fishing in the early 1900’s. However the families are getting smaller as the generations move on, the canneries no longer just the Shipping Industry.

    • There used to be a huge Italian community in San Pedro but, at this point, whomever is left is at least third generation Italian. The new “breeds” tend to live closer to town and don’t necessarily participate in anything linked to the old community. I met quite a few through the consulate and the Italian Institute but I did live happily here for 15 years before meeting any Italians!

      > Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 05:58:37 +0000 > To: popa62@hotmail.com >

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