1. It’s been windy in Southern California in the past couple of days. You might have noticed if a. you live here or b. you watch/listen to the national news.  What is our fascination with the meteorological events? I shouldn’t even wonder – we have more than one cable channel dedicated to the weather. It might have been strong and knocked a few trees into building but it was only wind. Do folks in New York really need to listen to interviews with homeowners staring at a fallen tree in their backyards? Really?
  2. In case  commercials with cars wrapped in red giant bows, Christmas trees lit in every mall, gift suggestions at every turn were not enough to remind you that Christmas (or the more politically correct “The Holidays) is approaching, websites and blogs all over are starting to add falling snowflakes all over their back-drops. Living in LA, it might be the only snow I get to see this winter but we need to come up with better Christmas tricks now. And by the way, do you know of anybody who got a car for Christmas, wrapped in a red bow?

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