Santa does exist and he reads my blog. Better still, he got the subtle hints and found his way down my chimney where, despite the lack of cookies and milk, he still left behind an iPad. That’s it – it’s done. I have become the poster child for Apple, their dream customer, equipped as I am with each creation their Chinese factories have spewed out over the last few years. I confess to a measure of embarrassment – my rebellious nature  usually prevents me from brand loyalty to such an extent but here I am, excited like a little child, looking for the on switch to her new toy.

I further have to confess I couldn’t wait for Christmas lunch to be over and run home to start playing with said toy. The beauty of Apple is that setting up any of their devices takes less than 5 minutes, quickly catapulting you in the playing field. IBook was the first app I downloaded where I found all the classics I could possibly want at my fingertips – free. The drawback of the app store is the ease of consumption – those little tabs advertising prices and products are inviting and so innocuous looking that your fingers start itching and clicking “buy” is as easy as pie. Your credit card information is stored somewhere in the Apple world and not having to enter digits and dates makes the purchase ethereal to the point of non-existence. Did I really need an app that allows me to see any constellation just by pointing the iPad to the sky?

What is scary is that a little devil in the iCloud could potentially know more about me than any living person I am related to. Including my mother, who certainly never knew of my interest in astronomy. Never in a million years did I ever think that a technological gadget could make me happier than jewelry. Is it age or am I just moving the times??




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