People who show me pictures of their dogs annoy me slightly less than those who show me pictures of their children. Is there any other appropriate response besides feigned enthusiasm and murmuring “how cute”? But here I am, posting a picture of the latest addition to my canine family. It’s official: I have become that old lady whose household is being overtaken by animals.

My only disclaimer is that Rachel, whom I was supposed to foster for a while, could not be returned to her previous owner who, for health reasons, cannot take care of her any longer. They had only spent 6 months together. Rachel’s previous 6 years are unknown – she was abandoned and lived in two different shelters for a while. Despite this, her disposition is one of happiness, curiosity and eagerness to please. There is only one slight hitch – Rachel is incontinent. It might be a result of her spaying or it could be a symptom of something more serious, either way, at times she will sit and, upon getting up, a pool of pee will be left behind.

The thought briefly flickered in my mind of returning her to the shelter but it was quickly dimmed by her smile and the knowledge that no one will adopt an incontinent dog. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend my evenings with mop in hand. The medication the vet prescribed, with no guarantee, makes her groggy and listless so I discontinued it. And that is when the power of the internet kicked in…looking for advice, I discovered the existence of doggie diapers. On they go, swaddling her butt as if she were a baby (with a hole for the tail) before bedtime.  I watch her strutting around, parading her cute, enrobed butt and, as if she knew that was the condition for staying here, she will oblige and keep them on all night long.

Hence the pictures I am sharing with you. Feel free to be annoyed.

Ready for the runway


She is happy. Really



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7 responses to “TRAILING THE PACK

  1. luisa

    Troppo bella! Ma…se così è felice hai qualche foto di quando è triste?

  2. ci

    wellcome Rachel to the best family you could have dreamed of! I know that it seems odd to wear that diaper but it’s such a little effort compared to the reward that I’m sure you’ll agree in a few days is uncomparable.
    In addition your buddies – the Fenotti’s – are such great guys!
    I wish I could meet her asap…

  3. sue

    Fabulous … love that you have welcomed her into your home. xx

  4. alan

    i feel like my right arm is missing. mornings and evenings are especially difficult……thank you for giving hre the love she deserves……..alan

  5. Thank you all for welcoming Rachel! Alan, we will take great care of her and you can see her any time you want

  6. Lin (Ash)

    Claude, accupunture, chinese herbs might be an option. You can search for a vet who uses Eastern and Western meds here:

  7. Thank you Lin! I actually got a referral for a homeopathic vet. I do think some of it is psychological – she seems to be worse when she is not sure what is happening.

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