As I was re-reading yesterday’s post (not something I am in the habit of doing), I was painfully aware that I wrote about a wonderful meal in a visually interesting and intriguing place and I didn’t attach a single picture. The reason being, I didn’t take any and, for once, it wasn’t out of forgetfulness.

I scour, subscribe and follow a number blogs – some food related – and I am always amazed, and a touch envious, at how much photographic content people come up with, and a lot of it better than average. I am an inept photographer, which is problem number one, as you might have surmised by the instructional photos of my recipe posts. And then there is the age factor. I will whip out my phone to take impromptu pictures of my canine companions at the drop of a hat, I will take shots while travelling or on special occasions but I draw the line when sitting down for dinner in a restaurant.

Mostly, I want to enjoy my meals without forcing everyone to stop, move back and let me take pictures. And, secondly, I don’t want to look like yet another blogger or geek or out of towner having to snap every dish set in front of me –  but since when did I start caring about appearances? In reality, I don’t. This is where the generational gap comes into play. Unlike younger people, I haven’t grown up bombarded by images, or in front of videos or too intrigued by what things or people look like. I am still insanely attached to words.

In the blogosphere, this is decidedly a drawback. Every site, news item, blog, Facebook page draws you in with a single shot. In my case, I persevere with my lunacy, for those who are as attached to words as I am and to satisfy a perverse need to be contrarian. Which also comes with age, by the way.


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  1. silvia

    Thanks God! I can accept your Ipad but I’m not sure I could cope with my friend who is suddenly behaving like a youngster while she’s about to turn…. ups! I better shut up!

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