In one word: underwhelming. More boring than usual. From the nominated movies, that most people haven’t actually seen, to Billy Crystal who might be a pro, but is way too old-fashioned (and what’s up with dying his hair that deep shade of black?). Give me Ricky Gervais’ acerbic humour any day. The acceptance speeches were kept short but, aside from Christopher Plummer and Meryl Streep, who was witty, articulate and looked like she was speaking off the cuff, every one else missed out on eloquence (or just basic English) or, else, they were French, and half mangled their written notes. At least from the actors, one would expect better performances, nervousness notwithstanding.

Some of the clothes were outstanding: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford, Michelle Williams’ Louis Vuitton and Jessica Chastain’s Alexander McQueen in particular stood out. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, insists on showing her beautiful curvy “bodois” but ended up looking like a silver amphora, and Meryl Streeps’ golden robe matched, if nothing else, the statuette.  And a note on Angeline Jolie, and I swear it is not dictated by envy – possibly the most beautiful woman walking the planet at this point in time, she has nevertheless arms that  belong on a starving African child. A few helpings of pasta now and then would work wonders in restoring a normal look to Ms. Jolie’s limbs.

If one bothered at all to tune into the commercials, one would have been hard pressed to figure out what the upcoming tv shows on ABC are all about – all the trailers conveyed was the sense that it was best to stay away from them at all costs. Not that anyone watches ABC anyway.

Tom Cruise presented the award for best movie and it might have been the best thing he has done for his career in a while. He was poised, he looked amazing and it’s high time he made a good movie that doesn’t involve gadgets and car chases.

When all was said and done, what stood out was the utter boredom and predictability of it all. And then they wonder why their viewership is shrinking…














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One response to “POST OSCAR GLOW

  1. Sue

    Billy Crystal’s face didn’t move once. He wasn’t funny And his timing was off. His look echoed Tom Jones at the Baftas … too tight for so old … come on boys – age somewhat gracefully. People are laughing at you – and yes you should care. They both look like Scrotums (scrota?). I think that says all it needs to say about the Oscars. That and the hysteria around the women in The Help just leaves me annoyed and somewhat baffled. Does it take them being in a movie that puts them squarely in the ‘maid’ category to bring them back to the limelight and prove they are great actresses with great presence and plenty to say? Is it safer than giving them some of the better dramatic roles? Does it allow us to have a framework. Not ot mention the references to “natural hair” and “plus size”. I have this weird looming sense that women are moving backwards at the moment. Between vajazzles and weird waxing, pole dancing at the gym and Angie’s Biafra arms and little frog legs .. we are becoming pimped out versions of ourselves. Shit – that’s not what all the work was for surely.

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