When sitting down at a pizza joint, I am not likely to order a calzone, essentially a folded pizza, with the filling stashed inside. I like my pizza thin, with crusty borders, and all its goodies in the middle. But, on Sunday night, with extra pizza dough on hand, I fought my slight aversion to calzone and gave it a try.

“Calzone” means trouser in Italian so I am not sure how it relates to folded pizza as it’s more of a pocket. It’s typical of Southern Italy and also called “panzerotto” –  the difference lays in the cooking method: –  calzone is filled and baked in the oven, while the panzerotto is subsequently deep-fried (trust  me, it adds a whole new dimension to fried food…).

For my calzone filling I rummaged in the depth of the fridge where I came across a bunch of spinach and a couple of tomatoes. If you are willing to try, I would suggest more adventurous ingredients or, at least, tastier ones, such as ham or salami, a mixture of cheeses other than mozzarella, sausage or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Start with a pizza dough – you can find mine here


I started with putting a bunch of cleaned spinach in a pan with some olive oil and cooked them until wilted.

I then added some chopped tomatoes, chili flakes, salt and pepper and cooked until the tomatoes released their juice.

I rolled the pizza dough as usual and placed th filling on one side, adding fresh mozzarella and a little bit of tomato sauce.

I folded it and sealed the edges with a bit of water. I brushed olive oil on top and baked it in a 500F oven for about 25 minutes.

The end result? Pretty tasty, although next time I would fill it with some meat and stronger cheeses. All in all, though, my regular Margherita pizza still gives me more satisfaction. Some habits die hard…



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3 responses to “CALZONE

  1. Kim Robeson

    Yum yum! This is one of Hugo’s fav foods! Can this be on the menu next time we visit? 🙂

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