Richard of surprised me and nominated me for a Sunshine Award which I gladly accept. I am always in awe of home cooks who are so dedicated to food and creativity and remcooks is definitely one of them. Maybe because I cook for a living, and am not always willing to come home and cook some more, I envy and admire those who spend so much of their time coming up with recipes, cooking, photographing and then sharing.  So the 10 blogs I am nominating for this award all have one feature in common: dedication to a craft, a cause or just their blog.

The Rules of the Sunshine Award are 1) Accept the award; 2) post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link; 3) answer the questions below; 4) pass the award to 10 other blogs providing links to their blogs; and 5) contacting them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


1.  favorite color? – Powder Blue, I find it calming

2. favorite animal? – My one and only Ottie dog

3. favorite number? – 7, mystical number par excellence

4. favorite color? –  Same as before

5. favorite drink? – My concoction of Campari, sparkling lemonade and ice. It doesn’t have a name yet but suggestions are welcome

6. Facebook or Twitter? – Neither. I am an extremely private person and I don’t care for the world to know what I am doing or thinking at any given time

7. what is your passion? – Writing, reading, cooking, loving – oh, I should have limited myself to one?

8. giving or getting presents? – Everyone says “giving” but I will have to be honest, as much as I love to see the surprise and the pleasure on the recipients of my gifts, it’s getting.

9. favorite day of the week? – Monday, because it feels like a new beginning

10. favorite flower? – Tulips because they are cheerful

Blogger Nominations

1. My Body, the City – the secret life of a call girl – A former call girl now dedicating her life to freeing other young women trapped in the hell of prostitution

2. Acorn in my the Kitchen – A Brit living in Spain who delights me with his regional recipes and his soundtracks

3. Cristian Mihai – A writer not only dedicated to his craft but also to sharing what he has learnt

4. Stefan’s Gourmet Blog – Like Richard, a man who is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, with much success stefangourmet

5. Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen – From one pastry chef to another: you rock

6. Looking for Pemberley – Because I have a soft spot for Jane Austen’s devotees

7. Adventures of a Brown Kid – a lovely young man who just started blogging to try to make sense of things

8. For your Good Health – Marcella has a wonderful green thumb and inspires me to get my butt in my garden foryourgoodhealth

9. Crunchy Betty – For her awesome, wholesome and money saving suggestions

10. Strasparlando – You need to speak Italian for this one. Luisa has a wicked sense of humour



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7 responses to “THANK YOU THANK YOU

  1. Well this is funny. I looked up your blog so I could nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and then I started reading your blog about you receiving the Sunshine Award. (Congratulations by the way.) As I’m reading on down the page, I saw the name of my blog. You nominated me! Thank you. You don’t have to contact me (unless you really want to) because this has turned out to be an all day thing and is a lot of work selecting and notifying people and writing about it on my blog! LOL! I guess it would be easier and a lot quicker if I would stop reading the blogs and looking at the pretty pictures. Enjoy your award Claudia : – D

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  3. silvia

    sooooooo happy for you my darling, congratulations!

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