Hot priests

A few years ago, the Roman Catholic Church, in what I can only assume was an effort to revamp their stodgy image, asked for volunteers amidst their priests to sit for a photo shoot that would culminate in the release of a calendar featuring “hot priests”. That’s not exactly what it’s called but, judging from the photos of attractive or ruddy young priests in their cassocks, that’s exactly what it is.

I saw the calendar hanging from a newsstand in Venice on my first day there and, since then, I noticed it on sale pretty much everywhere. I sat on the photo and the thought for  a while, needing some time to contextualize it.

In the wake of a devastating scandal that has spanned half a dozen countries and finally pulled the curtain on what everyone assumed was happening, is it wise to portray those who have vowed to lead a life of faith, assistance to the needy, poverty and, not least, celibacy as pin-ups? Exactly, who is the ideal customer? Who will be hanging hot, sexy priests on their walls? Teen-age girls who never read “The Thorn Birds” but find the ultimate taboo attractive? Young boys (the calendar is featured on a number of gay sites)? Housewives  that find solace in telenovelas and unobtainable objects of desire?

Shouldn’t the Roman Catholic Church aim its modernization at accepting the use of contraceptives? Or divorce? Or to finally end that vow of chastity that was notably broken by Cardinals and Popes over the centuries and has led to the unfolding recent scandals?



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6 responses to “THE THORN BIRDS – Take two

  1. It does strike me as a little bit unseemly to treat guys who’ve taken a vow of celibacy the same as “Hawt and Manly Firefighters of NYC.” I don’t suppose they have a corresponding calendar featuring nuns?

    OTOH, Father Romano is rather attractive…..! I wouldn’t mind a private counseling session with him…..

  2. silvia

    they’re all lunatic!
    if you have time google this: georg genswein, he’s the pope secretary

  3. Marcella Rousseau

    They’ve lost their minds. Haven’t they learned anything from all the recent scandals? Wow! I’m glad I drifted away from the Catholic church years ago. Who is making these decisions? Clearly, there needs to be new leadership.

  4. And have you been following the poor American nuns’ saga? A good lesson on how not to modernize your institution and gaining new “followers”

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