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So Thursday was a bittersweet day for me and some of my coworkers. My manager announced that she will be leaving the company come Aug. 23rd. She was the reason I got this blog and for that I will be forever grateful. I just want to thank her for pushing me at work and on reminding me to update my blog (haha) I guess I have to find someone else to talk about books, movies and find someone who reads the New York Times so they can let me have the calendar section.

From observation I can say she is stubborn, a very private person, a lover, a friend, a dreamer in secret, a lover of animals and obviously an amazing cook. You can see some of these things when you catch her gaze or by the way she carries herself. Her sense of humor is blunt and very European…

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  1. How very sweet of her. That leaves a good feeling. We’re all still a little in shock here, but I appreciate the kind words you left me.

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