My pink lemonade

It took a long week-end, the first in many years, since working on a Saturday was par for the course of my job, to make me appreciate my lemon tree. I haven’t bought a lemon in the nine years I have lived in this house – this tree miraculously bears fruit twelve months a year and I typically step outside the kitchen and pluck one when needed, without giving it much thought. Until last Friday when, tired of the coyotes and other wildlife feasting on the lemons that fall to the ground, I set out to pick as many  ripe ones as I could. And, with all that bounty, I made lemonade.

Don’t laugh. I took immense pleasure in juicing lemons, finding the right proportion of simple syrup to please my palate and, finally, adding some end of Summer cherries to make pink lemonade.

Home-made noodles

The same pleasure that I took in watching my mother make pasta and meat sauce, the way the universe intended it to taste. Or slicing some perfect tomatoes from McGrath Farms and let them roast on a ricotta tart.

Tasty tomatoes

Somebody asked me this morning if I did anything fun over Labour Day Week-end. As a matter of fact, I did and it involved lounging around on the patio, consuming large quantities of ice-cold lemonade and steaming home-made pasta. And I didn’t even bother working out.


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  1. {Main St. Cuisine}

    Love the idea of adding cherries to freshly made lemonade! Your photos are very pretty. Is the recipe for the ricotta tart posted on your site?

  2. Home-made is best, I agree.
    Jealous of your lemon tree, especially for the zest! So difficult to find untreated lemons around here, and I like to use a lot of lemon zest, especially for cookies and cakes.

  3. Oohh, delicious. I love cherries. And I have a pitcher just like that!

    Our lemon crop poops out in the summer – our two trees ripen in the fall, winter and spring. Maybe we need a third tree with a different timing!

  4. Marcella Rousseau

    I never tried cherries in lemonade. I keep frozen tart cherries in my freezer because i like them as a late-night snack. Hmm, that’s an idea! It sure looks pretty!

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