Not really goodbye

It’s with a mixture of sadness and also some pride that I decided to end the Accidental Chef’s adventures. After over 2 years of nearly daily posting, my life has evolved on and off the page.

A little while ago, those who regularly follow my blog, read about my recent decision to leave my job and take my life in a different direction. In the spirit of doing what satisfies me most, this new direction will still involve some cooking (at a friend’s small restaurant) but, above all, it will be filled with writing.

Together with one of my best friends, who literally lives on the other side of the world, in South Africa, we started a blog-azine called Campari and Sofa aimed at women like us, still vibrant, full of energy and ideas and things to do. It’s a project that started during a trip that was widely chronicled on these pages and finally saw the light of  day while in Rome, amidst the festiv ities for my dreaded 5-0.

I hope that those of you who stuck it out with me from the beginning and those of you who just got here through Freshly Pressed will find something that grabs you in my new venture. Yes, there will be food too and, for WP users, my friend Sue and I chose to stay in this community and launch this project on WP again, despite being two avid Mac girls.

Most of all, I hope you will not only join me on this new journey but will also participate in the conversation. And boys are most definitely welcome.

So, it’s not goodbye, just arrivederci!

To check my  new project out, simply click here!












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20 responses to “CLOSING TIME

  1. Janice E

    I was shocked and sad when I read last week that you had left the Villa. Now another blow that The Accidental Chef has taken it’s last curtain call. I wish you all the best in your new adventures and look forward to following you on Campari & Sofa.
    Take care,

  2. It feels like the end of an era … but I am proud to be part of your next ‘incarnation’!!

  3. silvia

    Arrivederci Accidental Chef, thank you for making me laugh, becoming emotional, giving me things to think about and most precious, descovering undisclosed angles of you, every morning after coffee since it all began. But no sadness is hidden in my words ’cause I know that you are excited like a baby for the newly born and that I’m gonna have double fun from now on.

    • You were my first reader and there were many times when I wrote with you in mind. I know you will keep on reading our dribble and participate in the project. Always welcome to write for it

  4. Sarah

    Thank you so much for giving me something interesting to read during my morning coffee every morning for the last two years! I have learned SO much from you but mostly have to credit YOU for all the reason why my husband now thinks I am a much better cook (thank you mushroom risotto, carbonara and chocolate cake!). I will also miss all the wonderful posts where I had a smirk on my face because I knew exactly what you were writing about, even when you tried to be as coy as possible. You have a wonderful way of looking at life and translating them into wonderful stories for all to enjoy. I will miss your words here but look forward to new adventures with Campari and Sofa! xoxoxo

    • Thank you Sarah! And I have missed our early morning chats! Thanks for subscribing to the new venture too. You will see me post under camparigirl…that is me now…kind of funny given my very low tolerance for alcohol. But plenty of food over there too to keep your husband happy!

  5. Catching up on blog posts that I missed while travelling, and then I see this! What a shock! Luckily it’s only a move and not goodbye. Good luck with the new blog!

    • Thank you and it’s glad to have you back from your trip. Hope you will make it to LA next time

      • StefanGourmet

        Well, actually, we have plans to go to Australia in October/November 2013 and I was thinking it might be nice to stop over in LA or Frisco. The only good reason I could think of for choosing LA would be to visit you though 🙂
        (I’ve never been to LA but have not heard good things from travelling friends)

      • Think about it. I am Italian and I looove LA! The in your face nature on the city is so unexpected and I love the quirky culture. Not to mention you will have the best Mexican food this side of the border. Tourists love SF, it is very charming, you can walk the city center in a day. I find it too small and a tad pretentious. But, as you are so much into wine, Napa Valley is great. It will remind you a bit of Tuscany. The coast north of SF is simply amazing and worth the drive. Hope I gave you food for thought

      • StefanGourmet

        We have been to SF twice and it is indeed very charming. So far we’ve only had time for a very brief visit to Napa and it did look interesting although I think I prefer the real Tuscany 😉
        I had never heard of the nature in LA before (only about the traffic and lots of concrete), so that’s certainly food for thought.

  6. I just found your lovely blog only to find that your closing it, but I will head over to check out Campari & Sofa.

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I clicked on you, having read you on DenMother & I get this!!

    Good luck to you, then, your new venture. It is SO important to enjoy your work. ALL the best 🙂

    (love that picture, too)

  8. Good luck on your new venture. Only just found your blog so still have plenty of reading to do!

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