Italian by birth, transplanted in LA where I live in the “wilderness” with a cast of canine characters, I try to make sense of the disconcerting business of reaching the dreaded middle age by writing it all down. The good, the bad and the food or how to be a non Hollywood woman in the city that glitters.


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  1. ciao Claudia, sei proprio tu? Christina Iredale email chris_iredale@yahoo.it o su fb o su skype emmatheteacher kiss πŸ™‚

  2. And how did you know it was me???? Will be in touch soon

  3. Janet

    Good Morning Claudia
    I came across your site today – nice job! I read your post about Pistachio Pastry Cream. I went to Bronte’s site. What formula did you use – Pistachio Pastry or Pistachio cream by Norman Douglas. I am trying to make a pistachio pastry cream, I have my own pastry recipe – that we enjoy but wanted to add something to it. Thank you

  4. Hi Janet, thank you for your comment! I actually used my own pastry cream recipe (you can click it on the Pistachio Pastry Cream post you came across) and made my own pistachio paste. I grounded the pistachios extremely fine in a food processor and then I added about 1/4 cup to the sugar mixture. I then proceeded with the recipe as usual. At the end, I added more while it was cooling down. You will have a bit of a grainy factor – your cream won’t be super smooth but I didn’t mind – the flavor was just right without being overpowering. For a smoother cream, you need to buy pistachio paste – I have it here at work where I use it to make ice-cream but it’s not easy to find in stores. Hope this helps.

  5. Just discovered your blog and I know I’m going to enjoy it after reading just two posts! My husband is of Italian heritage and having just finished his process for dual citizenship, he is now “real.” He’s a great Italian cook (thanks to his Nonna). We visited southern Italy two years ago for about three weeks where we met family, and fell in love with everything we saw and ate! We’re planning a trip back to see the north and start looking for a place we’d like to retire in a few years. (PS, we’ve done LA, too — much prefer the green Northwest!)

    • Dear Emma,

      Thank you for your kind words that brightned a shaky day. I am also enmeshed in the dual citizenship process, which I resisted for a long time, trying to balance the American-ess and Italiane-ess in me. I love my country of origin and also think I will retire there but it is going through a real tough time at the moment and I feel for friends and family having to bear the brunt. But there is no place with better cappuccinos, convivial food and joie de vivre! I briefly scanned your blog before dashing to work and I am looking forward to settling in on the couch tonight and read more. It’s thrilling when you stumble upon like minded people in the big ether world. I know I know where you live is very pretty and bucolic and much more humanly paced than sprawling LA but I did fall in love with this difficult, beautiful and multi-faceted city…

      • I loved it too, when we lived there, and I went to college there. But, it can be completely overwhelming at times. I much prefer the quieter pace up this way now. Similarly, we loved Rome but I think we’re looking for a little quieter kind of place when we move to Italy.

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  7. Ciao! Someone found my blog today by googling “the accidental chef stefan”. Thought that was funny πŸ™‚

  8. Eleonora Toffolo

    Tanti Auguri !!!!!!!
    my new e.mail ellietoffolo@gmail.com

  9. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for the Sunshine Award as your recipes always bring a little sunshine into my life. Thanks for taking the time to share. πŸ™‚ More information is available at http://remcooks.com/awardsacknowledgments/

  10. Oh, my goodness! I discovered your blog after returning home from a trip to Venice – I’ve been enjoying your Venice posts. But then I explored the rest of your blog and – wow!

    You’re in LA, I’m in LA. You live in the mountains, I live in the mountains. You have dogs, I have a dog. You write about so many of the same things and places I write about. You go to so many of the places I go. I am sure we are very different people and we see these things through different eyes, but it’s uncanny how everything resonates!

    Come visit my blog and tell me what you think. I’ll definitely keep reading your blog!

  11. I think you have an awesome blog!
    So I have nominated it for an award. Come and have a look when you have the time.

  12. my dad worked in italy for a few years, always told me abt it. ive always wanted to visit. one day

  13. I hope that day comes soon. You can’t help liking the place (especially if you don’t live there…)

  14. My father’s mother is from Italy. I moved out here from PA.

  15. I can see you love California as much as I do! Still some “Italianess” in you?

  16. Marcella Rousseau

    Hi Claudia! I love your blog and I have nominated you for β€˜Blog of the Year 2012’ Award! Click the link for instructions. Congratulations!

  17. Hi Claudia,
    I love your writing on italians πŸ™‚ we run an italian website and want to buy an add on your website up for it ?

  18. Hi!

    Love your posts on L.A. I bleed yellow and gold haha

    We stumbled upon your blog and wanted you to be one of the first to know that we are launching an event website called wigo events. Our site focuses on a community of users in Los Angeles sharing cool events that they know about, and we would love to have you be a part of it! If you are interested in being one of our very first users please leave us your email address at the link right below, sorry its so long, don’t know how to add a hyperlink in the comment section haha. Once our site goes live in the next few months, we’ll let you know!


    Sara, Team Wigo!

  19. thanks for visiting my blog – am much enjoying your great site πŸ™‚

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