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“I have nothing against gay people but..” and in that “but” is contained all the indignation, anger and hostility towards our President’s recent remarks in support of gay marriage. And the inherent indignation, anger and hostility towards gay and lesbian people in general. After listening to endless radio interviews with folks on the street on both sides of the issue, I got sick and tired of that racist preface “I have nothing against but…” But what? But are we going to move forward in time negating equal rights to fellow citizens?

If you are staunchly entrenched in the camp of “I have nothing against gay people but..”, it might be worth considering that same-sex marriage is one of those issues that does not infringe on anybody else’s rights. I am personally against the right of any citizen being able to own firearms, as I am convinced that if gun sales were limited to law enforcement and other selected few, murder rates would sharply fall. But I do realize that my position would materially alter the reality of those who feel the need to own a gun. Same sex marriage? It just won’t change anybody’s life – only the one of those who choose to make such a commitment.

President Obama, either pushed by Vice-President Biden’s comments or by the need to do the right thing, finally spoke a truth we suspected was his belief to begin with. It was ballsy and it was needed. Even if legislatively his support is of no significance, it was an emotional moment,  and one of enormous significance to all those men and women who battled for years to be recognized as equal citizens.

To all my gay and lesbian friends, congratulations. At last!


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